Resources Promoting Good Mental Health in Young People

Fighting back against the youth mental health crisis

What We Do?

We provide resources for young people that promote mental wellbeing and
help prevent mental health issues
Prevention is the first line of defence against poor mental health
Promoting Mental Wellbeing

We use evidence-based strategies to help young people better manage their wellbeing before they need help

Primary Prevention of Mental Health Issues

We equip young people with the awareness, skills & tools to increase resilience & deal with challenges

Primary Prevention is about reducing mental health issues through the promotion of good overall mental wellbeing


  • Draw attention to the youth mental health crisis


  • Eradicate the stigma around mental health so young people can be open and seek help when they need it


  • Create and sustain a platform through which the youth can contribute to the discourse on mental health


  • Provide resources to enhance mental wellbeing and strengthen the mental health of the next generation (primary prevention resources)


1 in 6 young people aged 16-24 has symptoms of a common mental disorder such as depression or an anxiety disorder.

(Student Minds)

Our Resources

Life-saving resources before they are needed.

Mental Health Reset

A FREE toolkit of wellbeing videos and guides for young people at schools, colleges & universities

Helping young people take control of their wellbeing

University Workshops

Workshops helping students build self-esteem, increase resilience & cultivate a growth mindset

Helping young people flourish at university

Nexgen WHERE Platform

A platform designed to improve the mental health of every young person - for schools, colleges & universities

Helping schools & universities fight back against the mental health crisis


80% of young people say their mental health deteriorated due to the pandemic.


Our Projects

We give young people the platform, resources & support to contribute ideas, initiatives & campaigns to help them fight back against the mental health crisis

Nexgen Minds Podcast

A podcast by young people for young people. We're having mental health conversations to help end the stigma & show people they are not alone.

Youth Mental Health Conference

A conference designed to bring experts together to discuss primary prevention & how we can improve the wellbeing of young people.

Nexgen Blog

We give young people the platform to talk about issues which affect them as well as to advise others on pertinent wellbeing topics. We want young people to be heard.

Wellbeing Advisors

We create resources that make a difference. Our advisors are students, educationalists, psychologists & therapists. 


Mental health issues cost the UK economy £118 billion every year. More can be done at the preventive level.

(LSE & Mental Health Foundation)